Monthly Archives: June 2019

Life lies in sports

The way to keep in good health can be summarized as: keeping in mind, taking exercise and persevering. “Life is about exercise.” If a person wants to live a long and healthy life, I think he must take physical exercise. I sleep six or seven hours a day, go to bed early and get up […]

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China’s Internet Model Leads the World

As China’s macro-trend tends to be steady for a long time, urbanization accelerates and services continue to drive economic growth, the Internet industry will continue to develop rapidly. At the same time, China has led the world in innovative products and business models. Firstly, the report points out that the penetration rate of Internet users […]

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Students like sports but don’t like PE class

The conference focused on such topics as physical education curriculum, teaching and teacher education, health influencing factors from an interdisciplinary perspective, sports promoting health and the growth of young athletes. Through various forms such as the conference keynote report and expert report, innovative physical education teaching workshops and face-to-face with experts, it jointly explored the […]

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