Exercise can promote blood circulation

Keep personal hygiene, environmental hygiene and wear comfortably. A balanced nutritional diet should be provided to provide all kinds of substances and energy needed by the human body. Man is a living organism, always undergoing metabolism, all kinds of cells are constantly updated, that is to say, the original body of life-sustaining nutrients in constant consumption, need to be constantly supplemented in order to maintain health. If the nutrition supplement is insufficient, the physique is certainly not good, and even there will be a variety of morbidities.

Because he treats many diseases from “invigorating the spleen and stomach, assisting digestion”, cures many difficult diseases and becomes a famous doctor. Chinese classical medical books also record that “the kidney is the congenital basis, the spleen and stomach is the acquired basis”. It means that the innate origin is derived from the parents and the acquired origin is nourished by the spleen and stomach. For example, when a child was born, he was in good health and everything was normal. That was the genetic health that her parents inherited from him. That was the innate strength. In order to maintain his healthy body and make him grow up healthily after birth, it is necessary to have a balanced nutritional feeding, a material supply of Qi and blood, and the cooperation of the spleen and stomach to digest and absorb all kinds of nutrients, otherwise it is impossible. Without adequate nutrition to supplement the body’s consumption, physical fitness will become worse and worse.

Some people think that the living conditions are good, the food is good and the nutrition is enough. But I can say with certainty that you can’t eat all the nutrients you need, or even get sick. Because the nutrition that people need is balanced in an all-round way, we can’t do without it, nor can we do without it. At present, many so-called “rich and honorable diseases” such as diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and so on are closely related to unreasonable diet. There is also a misunderstanding that eating high-calorie foods is of high nutritional value.

In fact, otherwise, eating a comprehensive and balanced nutrition can be healthy. Proper exercise can promote blood circulation, increase appetite, enhance metabolism, and help the body to absorb and utilize nutrients in food. “Life lies in exercise”, and exercise can lead to a long and healthy life. So there are a lot of people in parks and other places. But nutritional supplements should not be neglected. As the saying goes, “There is no water without a source, there is no wood without a root.” If only exercise consumes physical strength, there is not enough nutritional supplement, the intake and expenditure are unbalanced, and the immune function is low for a long time, various diseases will occur. Exercise should be moderate, and excessive exercise can also be harmful to the body.

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