How to Lose Weight with Different Metabolism

Old people are prone to obesity, accompanied by headache and dizziness, decreased sleep quality, dry mouth and tongue, and backache. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that yin and blood deficiency is the cause of this kind of population, which is mainly treated with the principle of nourishing yin, invigorating blood and activating blood circulation. Polygonum multiflorum can achieve the effect of blood tonifying, help to reduce blood lipids, and assist in the treatment of obesity. Salvia miltiorrhiza is also a good choice, with a slight blood tonic effect, but also can promote blood circulation, can reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, auxiliary treatment of angina pectoris and coronary heart disease, improve local blood circulation.

Liver-qi depression can affect blood circulation and naturally lead to obesity, which generally occurs in young women, accompanied by emotional irritability, chest distress, belly swelling and irregular menstruation. Roses can be chosen, which has the effect of regulating qi and has almost no side effects on the body. Citrus peel is also a good choice, which can help food digestion and achieve the effect of regulating qi and expectorating phlegm.

Qi deficiency can also lead to obesity, such people must strengthen the spleen. Continue to affect the normal operation of the spleen, after the Qi supplement, can maintain normal metabolism, naturally make the body thinner. Poria cocos can be selected, which has the effect of invigorating spleen and diuresis. It can also invigorate qi, reduce blood sugar, and enhance the body’s resistance and immunity. Radix Astragali is also a good choice. It has the effect of tonifying Qi and promoting water and edema. It can speed up metabolism and enhance the immune system.

In normal life, we must follow the right way to achieve the effect of weight loss, and bring more benefits to our lives. So according to the above mentioned methods, weight loss will bring very good effects to our body, and make our life healthier and longevity to our body. The effect of body is also greater.

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