Seven Misconceptions of Weight Loss by Exercise

Exercise should avoid fishing for three days and netting for two days. In some strength-based fitness exercises, muscles must rest for at least one day every time they exercise. Many people take this as the basis, exercise one day, rest one day. In fact, it is not correct to do so. You should arrange your exercise time and exercise body parts reasonably, such as training leg muscles today and arm strength tomorrow, so that we will not waste time, but also keep exercising every day.

Many people think that warming up while exercising is one-sided. Many women who exercise believe that it does not matter whether they do warming up or not. This is a wrong idea, because the muscles that have not yet been exercised can easily sprain, because they are not fully prepared to withstand sudden big movements. Any warm-up exercise can improve muscle adaptability and make joints flexible and flexible. Keep in mind that warming up before exercise is good for your cardiovascular system and therefore for your health.

Many women refuse to use barbells or dumbbells because they hear that weight lifting can only accumulate fat and not consume fat at all. This statement is incorrect. Weightlifting can not only reduce body fat, but also continue to consume body fat in human metabolism. Using dumbbells with appropriate weight as exercise equipment and persisting in regular exercise will have more significant effect.

Eating food and losing weight is a dream. Some people have the idea that they can avoid the unpleasant diet during their fitness. In fact, it is not. Although the body does consume more calories and carbohydrates in any kind of physical exercise, it does not mean that the green light is on for all foods. The key is to maintain nutritional balance and eat more fruits and vegetables, cellulose, grains and lean meat. Only by maintaining a scientific balance between diet and fitness can we achieve the best exercise effect, significantly reduce the weight and improve the physical condition.

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