Why is tennis the best weight loss sport?

Apart from tennis, I play badminton, the longest sport. Badminton is also a very good sport, I also insisted for a long time, of course, this insistence, but also the contribution of dopamine. The real reason why I gave up should not be graduation and other reasons, but my physical quality. My physical fitness is not very good, lack of strength, explosive force is very poor, leading me to play badminton to a certain extent, it entered a bottleneck that can not be broken, not technical reasons, but the lack of strength makes me feel that there is no way to break through, so, brother dopamine went away.

It wasn’t until I met tennis that I finally embarked on a legal path to sustainable development of dopamine. I’ve been involved in a lot of sports. By comparison, I clearly feel that the amount of dopamine that tennis can get is not an order of magnitude compared with other sports. This is a bit like what we just said, the difference between men and women and drugs. I have been impressed by the remark made by one of my “five drugs” players who said that he had never tried drugs, but that tennis was less pleasant than gambling, but more important than men and women. Some of our teammates joked with each other that we replaced sex with playing balls, so that we were a bunch of bachelors.

About sports, there are so-called “opium” saying that golf is “green opium”, skiing is “white opium” and tennis is is “green opium”, because the venues are often green, it seems a little far-fetched. I haven’t tried skiing because I’m naturally timid, but even timid, it’s not sustainable. After all, seasonal and geographical constraints are hard injuries.

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