Skills are needed to lose weight

Let the body sweat excessive weight loss methods, not only can not get a better weight loss effect, but also threaten the health of people in sports, summer will be prone to heatstroke, it is silly cute, a lot of sweating after exercise need timely water, sports need to wear breathable clothes, before exercise need to do some warm-up.

Is the second method wrong? To lose weight, of course, you need to control your mouth, but everything has its degree. First of all, from a nutritional point of view, fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritious, but they can not meet their nutritional needs for essential fatty acids.

Diet can only be regarded as a success of weight loss, because the body intake of various nutrients is seriously inadequate, and the body’s nutritional reserves are inadequate, so the body in addition to reducing fat, but also a large number of protein (muscle loss), water and other substances.

In this way, once you resume your normal diet, your body will absorb calories desperately. Because your body is a system that worries you, it can not predict the next possible “famine”, so it only absorbs a lot of calories for emergencies. It’s good for you. You can’t blame it. The food outside has been very plentiful. Foot, and the body thinks you’re going to starve every minute.

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