Why do you always fail to lose fat?

Many people who lose weight will more or less encounter the situation of weight loss. The most frustrating thing is that although they keep exercising every day, their weight has not dropped at all. Even their weight has increased. This happens when they work hard, which leads to many people giving up in the end.

Although there are many reasons for not losing weight besides exercise, whether a person’s usual habits are good or whether he always makes some mistakes may lead to losing weight. Weight loss exercise is very important, but for most people, diet is more important for weight loss. As the saying goes, reducing fat by 3 points and eating by 7 points shows how important diet is to lose weight.

Here are two reasons for the difficulty of losing weight combined with diet and exercise. Correcting them can help you lose weight faster.

The first thing to lose weight is to hold your mouth, control your diet, and control your calorie intake. But for some people, it’s painful to tell them to give up the habit of eating and staying up late. If you really want to lose weight, even if it’s painful, you should stop eating snacks.

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