A dish that can lose weight and improve immunity

Asparagus and chicken breast is a must for many people to lose weight. Especially asparagus, which is more popular than chicken breast, because chicken breast tastes a little firewood and boiled is not delicious. Relatively speaking, the taste of asparagus will be much better, it tastes very crisp and tender, and it is very refreshing, more edible value. And if you add eggs to eat together, add a slippery taste, improve the experience. But also can lose weight more, while losing weight can also add a lot of nutrition.

Asparagus is not only low in calories, rich in dietary fiber, can help digestion, defecation, toxin discharge. Help lose weight, let the weight fall back to 90 kg, and say goodbye to meat. At the same time, asparagus is a comprehensive anti-cancer food, because its vitamins and trace elements are higher than other vegetables, for many cancers can play a role in resistance. Eggs are also a food that can improve immunity. Regular supplementation of eggs can also make our body healthier, fewer illnesses throughout the year, and good health.

So asparagus fried eggs are still worth eating, not only can lose weight but also improve immunity. As for the simple approach, let’s talk about the detailed approach below, and you can follow it.

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