Summer is a good season for weight loss

Summer is the best season to lose weight. Many people have made plans to lose weight. They all hope to achieve ideal weight in this summer. Mainly because of the hot summer, a little movement will sweat, while the heat will be consumed more, it is easier to thin down.

Some people don’t want to lose weight by exercising. They think it’s too tired. They want to achieve the effect by changing their diet. That is to say, to reduce the calorie intake of food. Perhaps this is also a good way, after all, the daily calories intake will affect the accumulation of fat, calories are reduced, excess fat will be reduced.

So what’s the best thing to eat during weight loss? Many people will think of fruits. Fruits are generally low in calories and rich in nutrients. They contain a variety of vitamins and dietary fiber, which can help to lose weight.

But not all fruits are low in calories. Some fruits have higher calories than meat. Eating more will only be detrimental to weight loss. All, people who lose weight should be cautious in choosing fruit, so as not to fall into the misunderstanding of losing weight.

The most calorie fruit is durian, which is not suitable for people to lose weight. The main ingredients of durian are protein, fat and carbohydrate. The calorie of durian reaches 147 calories per 100 grams, of which 27% is sugar and 3.3% is fat. It is absolutely high fat, high sugar and high calorie food.

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