Nasa telescope “Tess” discovers the first habitable planet with Earth size

“Tess” (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) was launched in 2018 to discover planets outside the solar system. “TOI 700 d” is now the first earth-sized exoplanet in a habitable zone that the telescope discovered.

So far, about 20 earth-sized exoplanets are known in such a zone, in which water could be liquid, said Axel Quetz from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg. This does not mean that water will also be found there. The researchers also know very little about other living conditions.

NASA checked and confirmed the size and characteristics of “TOI 700 d” with one of its other telescopes, “Spitzer”. Exoplanets had previously discovered the Nasa telescope “Kepler”. NASA expert Paul Hertz spoke of an “important scientific find” for “Tess”. “TOI 700 d” is over 100 light years away from us, according to Nasa. It had been discovered earlier, but at first NASA was wrong in the characterization of its star and suspected that the planet was not in its habitable zone.

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