It is “open” to an environmental referendum

The President of the Republic was asked about the carbon tax, this device at the origin of the crisis of “yellow vests” which some members of the Convention fear the return to the favor of their work. “You are not there to be used. We made a mistake on the carbon tax and I have my share of responsibility in this,” replied Emmanuel Macron. A little further in the conversation, he continued his mea culpa about this measure. “What I had not seen enough was the social impact on citizens who work and live in places where there is little public transport,” he said. Relaunched on a possible new tax, he clarified the conditions. “The acceptability of such a tax, if it was put back on the table, is only sustainable if it provides support mechanisms for both the most modest and those who are the victims,” ​​he said. -he thinks.

Asked what he would do with the proposals of the Climate Convention, in particular on his promise to submit them “without filter” to Parliament or to a referendum, Emmanuel Macron proposed to the citizens to follow the application of their measures. “The devil being in the details, it will be necessary to set up a monitoring mechanism,” he said. After submitting the proposals in early April, the president undertook to analyze them and come back to the Citizen Climate Convention to say what he would do with them. He reserved the right to disagree, while indicating “not being in this dynamic”.

Another hot topic is free trade agreements and their compatibility with the ecological transition. Asked about the signing of CETA, this treaty between the European Union and Canada, Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his support for this text. “We are in a situation of confidence which allows us to ratify Ceta,” said the president, referring to the fact that Canada was respecting the Paris climate agreement. “France will always have this line of saying: we will not have a trade agreement with a country which does not respect the Paris agreement”, he assured. In the same vein, the President of the Republic praised the market economy. “I believe that the model of an open market economy is compatible with ecology,” he said, adding that the current excesses were due to “accumulation capitalism”.

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