Three Minutes Exercise Every Day Helps You Get Healthy

Exercise can strengthen the heart, strengthen the brain and reduce the death rate. But for people who don’t exercise, or even have cardiovascular disease or cancer, is it too late to start exercising again? For people who exercise regularly, can further increase the amount of exercise be more healthy? A study from the University of Cambridge in the UK recently answered the question: no matter how much exercise was done before, starting exercise now is related to the reduction of all-cause mortality.

The researchers analyzed the age, height, weight, diet, medical history and other information of 14000 participants, assessed their exercise status in a period of time through questionnaire survey and exercise heart rate monitoring, and conducted four follow-up visits.

When their exercise amount increased to 10 kJ / kg / day and 14.4 kJ / kg / day, the risk of death was reduced to 38% and 42% respectively; when their exercise amount increased to 6.4 kJ / kg / day, the risk of death was also reduced by 24%. The researchers also found that if the average daily exercise volume increased by 1 kJ / kg of body weight, such as 60 kg of exercise consumed 60 kJ of calories per day, increased fast walking for about 3 to 4 minutes, the risk of all-cause death would be reduced by 22%, the risk of cardiovascular death by 25%, and the risk of cancer death by 12%.

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