For her last city council, Isabelle Balkany ensures the show

If certain citizens hoped until the last minute for the surprise visit of Patrick Balkany, released on Wednesday evening for health reasons after more than five months of detention, it was only that the first assistant entered, greeted by a standing ovation. The city councilor does not sulk his happiness, takes each other for a long time in his arms, greets those whom she recognizes in the public.

For long minutes, the city councilor read the “love story” that linked her husband to Levallois-Perret, of which he was mayor between 1983 and 1995, then continuously since 2001. “In 1983, we were in a small a fallow city, left to its own devices. In the audience, which was mostly won over by the couple, the applause increased every time Isabelle Balkany mentioned the feats of arms of her husband or simply pronounced her name. An assistant swallows her sobs when she talks about the end of her mandate. “Thank you for being an exceptional leader, for you, we would have won the moon,” she said before sitting down heavily.

The stand-up sometimes took on the appearance of vaudeville when the board got to the heart of the matter. Used to oratorical jousting and murderous little words, Isabelle Balkany sharply rebuffed Arnaud de Courson, DVD candidate for mayor and historical opponent of the couple. Hoots were then heard in the public, but did not succeed in destabilizing the councilor. After an hour and a half of advice, Isabelle Balkany closed the session with thunderous applause. “I haven’t been mayor for long, but I really liked it,” she said as she left her red chair.

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