7 easy ways to lose weight

Usually eat less fried food and spicy stimulation of food, in the period of weight loss best not to eat. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and ensure adequate water intake every day. Record the energy intake every day to ensure that the energy intake can provide the minimum energy demand of the body every day. Stick to a balanced diet. Don’t think that you can eat only one food with less calories.

Zhang’s inability to open his mouth and legs is an important reason for modern people to become fat. Keep healthy in diet and follow up in sports. First of all, it should be noted that the degree of exercise to lose weight is no more than two Jin per week, no more than four to six Jin.

Do more aerobic exercises every day, such as yoga. But don’t exercise immediately after meals. Be sure to exercise half an hour to an hour later. Exercise methods should be diversified. Slow exercise and vigorous exercise should be carried out reasonably, and a large number of vigorous exercise should not be carried out every day in order to lose weight quickly.

Go to bed and get up early every day. Don’t stay up late. Get a good sleep, but not a good one. Reasonable work and rest can regulate endocrine and promote the normal operation of various functions of the body.

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